Morgan and the Forty Thieves Reviews

“I really loved it.  It was so exciting!  I know my third graders would love it too!  I’m planning on reading it to them.  We just started multiplication last week so the math conversations in the story would be a perfect connection.”

Gina Cey, Third Grade Teacher

“I love this book!  When will she have the next book in the series for me to read?”

Thijs, Gifted Second Grader

“I chose 5000000 Many Stars because It Has Magic.  It is My faverate Book ever!  I like the part When Morgan turned into all different Animals.  I even Want a Movie of It!  It is so Great!”

Second Grader, Barrington Elementary

“A fun experience for children to engage their problem-solving skills while reading.  Abacus brings to life the challenges faced by two young adventurers in 1899 Massachusetts, while connecting the audience to common human feelings and struggles that transcend time and place.”

Mary Kay Lewis, Gifted Education Consultant

“I highly recommend this for young gifted children ready for multiplication and/or for reluctant mathematicians.

Through an engaging story, young readers are introduced simply without difficulty or effort to how multiplication works. There is also science (Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, various animals), history (telegram, Golden Age of Islam), geography (Massachusetts, Persia), literature (Emily Dickinson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Thousand and One Nights), and mathematics (Counting, Magic Square, Puzzles, Patterns, Geometry) included into a unit type experience. The author has created a free teacher guide on her website with numerous resources and activities that can be used in conjunction with reading the book. While some readers may want to read it in one sitting, some teachers/parents may want to prolong the experience via extensive research and games.”

Carissa Leventis-Cox, Founder and Director, School of Minds

“I just finished reading Morgan and the Forty Thieves! I did not want my husband to interrupt my reading as I was finishing.  I am impressed. Wow!  I think this story will definitely interest those good readers in the younger grades.  The length and readability seem appropriate too.  I found that the Medallions sparked my curiosity and I wanted to learn more in the accompanying fact pages in the back of the book. This is truly a unique feature in books at this level.”

Jamie Harding, Elementary School Librarian

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Also available at your local bookstore    through Ingram under ISBN

Available at your local bookstore through Ingram

ISBN 978-1-7328813-1-0

Study Guides

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Click on the image to download a PDF of the Student Study Guide, created by Leanna Steiner, Second Grade Teacher.