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Recently Asked Questions

We are very curious if you are going to write a second book to help answer our questions.

Morgan and the Forty Thieves is the first book in a series of books.  I wanted to write a series because there are so many wonderful things to learn about the math found in the natural world around us.  I’ve included other subjects in the book as well because I think they are exciting to learn about— like science and history.  So, yes, I am going to write not only a second book, but a series of books.

I have already written the second book called Morgan and the Monster of the Deep. I believe it will be published in the Fall of 2019.

We are wondering what happened to Morgan and Rusty’s dads.

This is one of the most important parts of the Morgan series.  If you think about it, Morgan would never have met Rusty and Grandpa Allen if her father hadn’t been on the expedition with Rusty’s father, and the two of them had not been lost. 

It’s also important to understand that in this period of history it was not easy to communicate quickly over long distances.  Today we have cell phones that can call around the world.  In 1899, when Morgan’s story takes place, the fastest most available form of communication would have been by telegram.  Telephones were still not as widely used as telegrams. 

Telegrams sent a signal that travelled from station to station across long distances.  There would be no telegrams between the Galapagos islands, where the fathers were lost, and the coast of South America because the distance was too far.   So, any communications would have to be done by sending a letter on a ship.  And then, once the ship and letter reached the mainland of South America, a telegram could be sent from there to North America.  For this reason, it might take some time for Rusty and Morgan to hear about their dads.

We are also curious as to what happened with Grandpa Allen's brother (the bald thief).

I am going to give you a hint about this question and say that you might even hear more about Grandpa Allen’s brother (the bald thief) in the next book, Morgan and the Monster of the Deep.

We are also curious if anything is going to happen with Morgan's new room since it has a secret passage.

Yes, that is a story detail that you will hear more about in the future.  In this next adventure, Morgan and the Monster of the Deep, Rusty and Morgan will be on a ship at sea.

We would love to learn more about you as well! Why did you want to become an author? Have you written any other books? If so, what are they called? Where are you from?

I am a documentary filmmaker and I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  Now I live in Sun Valley, Idaho, a mountain town in the western part of the United States. Morgan and the Forty Thieves is my first book, but I was confident that I could write because I have written all of my films, and I have received awards for my writing.  I have raised two children and when they were your age, I had an idea about teaching math in a different way, one that would show how mathematical patterns are part of the natural world around us.  I wanted to find a book like this when my children were young and I couldn’t, so I decided to write it myself.

I also decided to have what is known as a “pen name” for the Morgan series.  Many authors choose to write under a pen name, or an assumed name, for different reasons.  I thought it would be fun!  I chose Addie Abacus, because you can add on an abacus!  I think it’s wonderful that you learned what an abacus is.  I was hoping that having that pen name would encourage students to look up the meaning!  I believe understanding the history behind the knowledge we have today is an important part of learning and life.

What Reading Level is Morgan and the Forty Thieves?

As a Chapter Book series the Morgan tales can be considered to fall at the end of the Chapter Book levels, just before Middle Reader books.  The sentence structure is designed to be simple and straightforward so that the book is accessible to younger readers, while the story is complex and intriguing enough to engage older readers.

Why is the Morgan series Math based?

My daughter got to third grade and came home from school early on to declare that she HATED math.  I realized that third grade is when math tends to get more rote, and I always felt that math in a narrative context would be so much more engaging.  I also wanted to introduce kids to the world of math from a more conceptual point of view because thinking about math as rote exercises is boring, but thinking about math as part of the pattern and language of our vast, natural universe is fascinating.

The first Morgan book is dedicated primarily to a step-by-step process of concepts that build toward easy multiplication.  It begins with skip counting, and then moves to adding equal sized groups, and then multiplication.  There are also addition problems, logic puzzles, a pattern puzzle, and a beginning demonstration of comparing numbers—an early and fairly simple depiction of ratios.